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Eco-Friendly Wall Covering To Help The Environment 1st June 2010, Tuesday
Japanese Wall coverings are natural, and made using the latest technology to ensure non-fading, non-peeling, environmentally sound decoration. Nobody wants to scale the outside of one of these buildings on a regular basis to keep re-painting...
Best Green Houses 27th May 2010, Thursday
Heirloom Minka: Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita’s personal campaign to revive a vintage Japanese building type..... By David Sokol
The Goodness of Bamboo Charcoal 14th June 2009, Sunday
Bamboo Charcoal otherwise known as takesumi is able to absorb and disintegrate odor/VOC, emit infra-red rays and break off electromagnetic wave (EMW) which has been proven to be hazardous to human helth...
Officially Launching The Zen Collection 13th May 2008, Tuesday
The long awaited new Jwall sample booklet - The Zen Collection is finally out!
Going Green in Your House 29th February 2008, Friday
Use non-VOC Zen Wall --- The newer or more recently renovated your home is, the more likely it is to have a high pollution level.
Member of U.S. Green Building Council 26th December 2007, Wednesday
The headquarters of Japanese Wall - Mabolo Niche Corporation is officially conferred a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.
December Spotlight on Siltouch Cork 3rd December 2007, Monday
A healthy wall series, Siltouch Cork is a revolutionary wall covering created with the "Go Green" motto by adding natural cork chip to the diatomite for overall well being.
Organic Wholesome Green Juice 18th September 2007, Tuesday
A healthful house is made possible by a healthy family which values healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. in the making of Jwall, we also see the importance of our food intake. AHE Foods introduces Green Juice...
Jwall Coming to Down Under 10th September 2007, Monday
Australia will soon be able to get the first hand experience of Jwall when attending Designbuild Perth 2007 from October 11-14.
Time-tested Exterior Sand Wall 27th August 2007, Monday
Beautiful sand-based wall covering is not only durable indoor, but it makes a good piece of art outdoor which withstand the test of time and weather.
Healthy Zen Wall - An Alternative to Stucco, Paint and Wallpaper 7th June 2007, Thursday
<p>Mardero, LLC proudly introduces Japanese Wall, a revolutionary wall covering composed of time-honored ingredients like natural sand, diatomite earth, clay, natural stone chips and straw (wara). <!-- Combined with a specially formulated bonding emulsion and other non-toxic materials, Japanese Wall is made durable and easy to apply. The juraku colors, which are mainly earthy tones, provide a soothing, peaceful and beautiful finishing to any rooms. In addition, it provide a healthier environment as it is free from VOC and formaldehyde. --> </p>
Contemporary Zen 7th June 2007, Thursday
California based Mardero, LLC (Booth #4867) will be participating at Coverings 2007 in Chicago from April 17-20, 2007. <!-- Mardero will take this opportunity to introduce its new series of wall covering products, which are made of natural sand, straw, clay and diatomaceous earth. This product, branded under Japanese Wall, is marketed as a healthy alternative to paint and wallpaper.
Wabi - Healthy Wall to the World 12th April 2007, Thursday
<p>Wabi, one of the Healthy Wall series of Japanese Wall is going to hit the eco-building markets in the North America.</p>
Featuring Japanese Wall at Coverings 2007 Chicago, April 17 to 20 11th April 2007, Wednesday
<p>Mardero, LLC is bringing exciting Japanese Wall coverings to this year’s first Coverings Show to be held in McCormick Place, Chicago from April 17 to 20, 2007.</p>
Easy Application of Japanese Wall 28th March 2007, Wednesday
<p>Japanese Wall of which interior series comes in dry powder form is user-friendly. Simply add sufficient amount of water, mix well, either with hand or mixer, and trowel.</p>