North America Market

Japanese Wall had been introduced to the U.S. market some 20 years ago. Its popularity began to pick up since some 5 years ago. With our direct involvement, we strive to serve the market more efficiently and promptly attending to questions. Japanese Wall has gone through stringent QAQC ensuring only safe composition of materials are used. With the market constantly demanding for greener household products and building materials, we strive to educate the general public more about our Zen Wall.

If you are passionate about our product like we are, believe that this product contributes positively to the environment and human well-being, we invite you who possess positive mindset, self-motivated drive to join us for win-win fruitful long term for collaboration for wholesale, retail and projects. We are strong believer of equal-opportunity and sharing all. Ultimately we would like to share the product knowledge, fun, and friendship - which cannot be derived in terms of monetary values.

Do write us to share with us your idea of working with us.

"Take care of the health of the environment and ours. Giving back to the society what we get."