Is Japanese Wall a green product?
Yes. We are very careful not to misuse the term "green and eco-friendly". But Japanese Wall can definitely be considered green products because the raw materials used is clean, natural, non-toxic, free from all VOC and formaldehyde and most importantly the process of collecting the raw materials is also environmental friendly.

How long will Japanese Wall last, and does it peel off easily like wall paper?
It really very much depends on the underlaying materials. If the wall foundation is good and properly treated, Japanese Wall has had a history of being long lasting, as long as you do not get bored of the color.

Can we request for custom colors?
While we already have many confusing colors to choose from, but if commercial projects requires, Yes, we can do so. But we require a minimum quantity of 60 bags, which is not bad at all. Imagine we work hard in the lab to get your color right.

What actually does wara juraku mean?
Wara means natural straw, from rice stalk, wheat stalks in Japanese. Juraku basically refers to a kind of earth which was collected from Kyoto and has been used to depict its earthy tone.

How much quantity do I need to cover a wall?
One bag of Interior series, except for Ayaka, covers 3.3m2 or 36sq.ft. area. Therefore, you can easily work out the math. Nonetheless, we advise you to get extra or buy by the carton. One carton packs around 4~5 bags depending on the series.

Can I use Japanese Wall in the bathroom?
Yes. We have Interior series such as Karin and Tenkou which is water-resistant fiber based materials. But if you would like to use Juraku series or sand based materials, you can apply it on upper wall of the tiled shower area. It is definitely ideal to use in the powder room. Our Japanese Wall is resistant to condensation. If you like other colors which are not water resistant, we recommend you use our Mel-TopSi as top coat which provide water resistance.

Can I make fancy designs or pattern with Japanese Wall?
Feel free to apply your creativity in building your wall. Japanese Wall is perhaps one of the easiest wall coverings to apply. While making fancy designs and pattern requires some skills, practice makes perfect. You can make use of different series to decorate your wall be it maple leaf or dolphin designs.

Can you recommend experience applicator/ contractor to do my wall with Zen wall?
Absolutely! Just email us your location at info@japanesewall.com or send us a message on skype or on our website, and we shall check that out for you. Getting the right applicator is important for all jobs.

How do I clean the applied Japanese Wall?
Easy. Simply use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe over the dirt on the Japanese Wall. On exterior, you can use brush or lower psi jet washer to clean the moss or tough dirt.

What is the trick to apply Japanese Wall to get bigger coverage area per bag?
This is a trade secret, but we are open to share with you. For one bag, apply two coats. Half a bag to apply Day 1 to freely apply the whole wall. Day 2, use the other half bag to cover the rest of the wall, and you will find it even much easier to apply on the second coat. Chances are you will cover more than 36 sq.ft.

What is the weight per bag for Japanese Wall?
Depends on the series, the weight differs. Please check our catalog which specify the weight and coverage area.

Since the healthy wall series has some unique properties to disintegrate odors, will such properties diminish or expire after certain time?
Frankly speaking, our jwall is made of mostly natural material which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Such properties are derived from the natural occurrence, testing has not been done with a good time frame to determine the lifespan of the material. Nonetheless when applied on the wall, Jwall can last for as long as 15 to 20 years if properly maintained.

What type of texture does Japanese Wall have?
Interior series we have soft, smooth texture. Even if you rub your stockings onto the wall, it will not tear, even if the wall may seem prickly. Exterior series however comes both smooth texture by trowel, sprayed on, or in stone finish, such as granite and sandstone. Different textures can also be played with based on your creativity.

Who can do the installation work?
A skilled plaster can make Japanese Wall even more beautiful. But for interior series, you can DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Practice makes perfect, so we encourage you to be bold to try. For exterior series which is more complicated, since spray gun is required in the application, we suggest to let the pro handle. Skill and experience with plastering work is a plus plus to make a beautiful wall even more fantastica.

Can Japanese Wall be shipped anywhere?
We can ship Japanese Wall out to anywhere in the world. Being flexible, efficient and practical is our mantra. Please contact our HQ for the closest distributors/ dealers at your region.

Will you ship the materials by sea or by air?
Depends on your time frame, we can do either. Of course sea freight works out more competitive most of the time. Let us worry about it as we will assist you to get the best deal.

How do I choose the color?
When you have chosen a color off our beautiful Zen Wall catalog or website, we can send you the color swatches based on availability.

What about pricing?
Once the specifics of the required colors have been established, we can provide an exact price. The cost of freight depends on the size and weight of the order as well as the distance to ship. Depending on the quantity, we will determine the port to ship from in order for you to buy at the most competitive pricing. Helping you save money is also our mantra.

I have contacted the regional representative/ distributor but have not received any feedback.
While our staff and network is committed to replying promptly to requests, unforeseen circumstances can happen. If you ever encounter this problem, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY write to info@japanesewall.com for the most urgent assistance.

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