International Market

We are committed to bring the highest quality wall covering material, which is not only made of natural raw materials, but has also gone through stringent eco-friendly manufacturing process to homes and commercial buildings. We hold to the philosophy that if we want to make a difference, we have to start from within. Seeing how advanced technology has brought about undesirable effect to our surroundings and environment as a whole, it is important to be aware of how we can minimize the side effect of "sick-house" syndrome especially from the excessive use of chemical within our household. Ironically, most of us don't even realize.

To breather easier, reduce humidity, and enhance better ventilation, use natural product as much as possible (expensive does not means authentic) and get close to nature as much as possible. It is important to also let our homes and offices feel healthier.

Our surroundings can get sick, and this issue is borderless. We decide how we want to make it better. ZenWall may not be the only material which helps, but it is one of the healthier material which can contribute positively, no matter where we come from.

If you are interested to carry Zenwall in your country/region, please enable us to understand yo better as a person by providing a brief introduction of your profile, experience, and most importantly your motto and how you think you can better enhance the beneficial properties of the product. Selling products is secondary; the ultimate goal is to cultivate a long term appreciation of ZenWall - Simply the Healthier Wall.