As follower of natural building, we hope to bring to the consumer materials which not only minimize the environmental impact of our housing and people, while providing healthy, beautiful, comfortable and spiritual uplifting homes and buildings for everyone. Thus, we are proud to introduce our selected unique series of sand based walls, which we have named Japanese Wall.

We emphasize on simplicity, easy-to-handle and system which rely on creative human labor which does not necessarily compute to high cost.

Designers like Japanese Wall because it provide traditionally modern, natural, creative and spritually-uplifting aesthetic for homes and buildings. Builders are fond of Zen Wall because the it is easy to apply, non-hazardous to the workers and most importantly results in a piece of art which receive everyone's appreciation. Homeowners love the products because it is simply healthy for the loved ones.

Because we care, you will use our Zen Wall with a peace of mind.