Time-tested Exterior Sand Wall

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Never knew exterior wall application can be so easy. Recently I came to learn about a sand-based wall covering product of Japanese origin called Kyoto-Ex for my new house. I have heard from a plasterer in L.A. that it is a very easy material to apply for interior wall, but just never paid much attention until my new house comes along. So I obtained more information from the website www.japanesewall.com; a very easy name to remember. I requested for sample swatches and immediately fell in love with color No. 106 which is a earthy tone with a tint of minty green color. It is perfect for our house. As I researched more into the product, to my delight, it is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic, which makes me very comfortable in using.

I ordered 100 bags to cover my 3600sqft. wall area from the Sunnyvale office of Japanese Wall and it was delivered within 4 weeks. As we are building a sustainable housing in deserty Palm Spring, I had to make sure that the material can withstand our dry climate. On the first day, the team of applicators came and did not know what to do. I showed them the application manual which was sent to me, and the applicator followed the illustrated instruction. They mixed the bonding emulsion into a bucket of water, and then pour the bag of dry powder sand into the liquid, and blend with a hand-mixer. I told the contractor to add a sachet of straw which I was advised would make a good look for the wall. Within 30 minutes, they  started applying onto the wall which was prepped 2 days before. The contractor we hired has had good experiences in Italian stucco, and various textured paints. Interestingly, the team of applicator made a remark that this Kyoto-Ex covering is much easier to apply than they had imagined. 

The result is a straw-laced wall which looks different from anyone else.Interestingly it does provide a very soothing look of the house from the outlook of the fascade. We left the entire wall to dry overnight, and the weather here did speed up the drying time no doubt. Seeing how easy it is to apply the walls, I plan to apply the wall of the living and the 3 bedroom with other series which I am now looking into the Healthy Wall series which claims to be able to purify indoor air.

Author is freelance writer of a few lifestyle and design magazines in the U.S. and Asia.