Eco-Friendly Wall Covering To Help The Environment

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You cannot open a paper or magazine these days without seeing more alarming news on global warming and being reminded of our responsibility to do our bit to save the planet.

Many people are simply not bothering. They live in a throw- away society with no regard for their future of the future of their children. They discard plastic carrier bags willy-nilly, burn fuel instead of putting on a woolly jumper and dump rubbish in ditches instead of recycling.

The other half of society, the responsible, upstanding citizens who care about saving this planet for future generations are doing all they can to use sustainable resources and re-using what they have. From re-using and re-cycling to checking what they buy comes from managed sources, there are increasing numbers of people who are interested in this dilemma enough to take real action.

For those who can afford it, a fantastic way to help the planet and help ourselves at the same time is to build an eco-friendly house. Modern house builds are becoming more energy efficient thanks to new regulations but so much more is achievable through the private builder.

A drive through the countryside would often mean you could spot the occasional eco-friendly house. It would stand out due to its boring box shape and wall covering of grass. However, this is no longer the case, Environmentally friendly houses look more like architectural masterpieces that stand out more for their stunning beauty than their weirdness.

Energy consumption on these houses has now been lowered to a sixth of what is used on a standard house. Natural materials are used for construction and insulation and this is not only good for the environment but also healthier for the occupants, particularly those suffering from allergies.

The internal wall coverings are treated differently to your average house that has walls of various coloured emulsions. Natural materials are encouraged wherever possible to introduce colour, texture, warmth and interesting aesthetic qualities. This also applies to the external wall coverings.

Gone are the acres of grass that would insulate the eco-friendly house and in comes wall coverings that are not going to need re-doing every couple of years. Wood from sustainable sources is very often used internally and externally. It has natural insulation qualities that make it ideal for this type of project.

Take a look inside one of these homes and it will look like a state of the art family friendly place instead of the imagined hippy place full of others peoples discarded items just being re-used. The brightest materials are used to the ultimate purpose of not desecrating the environment to achieve a new home.

Wall coverings are of a type that are either natural or that are made using the latest technology to ensure non-fading, non-peeling, environmentally sound decoration. Nobody wants to scale the outside of one of these buildings on a regular basis to keep re-painting. These homes are made beautiful, with beautiful materials and should stay looking that way without silly amounts of maintenance.

Wall coverings of this type will not pollute the environment with harmful chemicals, they will not be constantly exposed to new layers or washed away into our delicate water system.

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