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Sunday, January 7th 2007 - California based Mardero, LLC ( – Booth #4867) will be participating at Coverings 2007 in Chicago from April 17-20, 2007. Mardero will take this opportunity to introduce its new series of wall covering products, which are made of natural sand, straw, clay and diatomaceous earth. This product, branded under Japanese Wall, is marketed as a healthy alternative to paint and wallpaper.

With the market trend moving gradually into natural products, Mardero recently integrated 15 series of Japanese Wall with over 50 colors for interior wall finishing into the company’s range of natural niche stone products. Japanese Wall is easy to apply, simply add water, mix well, and then trowel onto wall of gypsum board, dry wall, cement or plywood.

“We are excited to introduce Japanese Wall as our newest, healthy and fascinating product to the market. Our headquarters introduced Wara Juraku into the market some 15 years ago. Today, we are introducing a new series, called Wabi which focuses on the health aspects,” says Mardero Director Alex Lai. “The natural composition in Wabi, for example, is diatomaceous earth that is able to adjust the moisture in the room; it is a great heat insulator and a natural vermin-control which can absorb foul smells and disintegrate formaldehyde which is found everywhere around us.”

Japanese Wall is a water-based product which is free from VOC (Volatile Organic Compund) and Formaldehyde which are health hazardous and cancerous. More importantly, it has a high fire resistant property which makes it safe for both commercial and residential use. The product is mostly composed of finely selected natural sand, clay, and diatomaceous earth – a type of fossilized sedimentary rock from dead cell of planktons, found in the marine and riverbed.

Different textures can be played with during application of Japanese Wall. It is made to be soft to touch and peaceful to see. Colors range from a palette of soothing earthy tones, which gives a sense of serenity to very vibrant red and green disco colors with gold dust. Natural straw recycled from rice stalks can also be added to the material to enhance a touch of Zen.

Mardero, LLC is established as the North America Regional Branch of AHE Group headquartered in Malaysia to service its North American clientele. AHE produces under Japanese quality control, cut-to-size natural stones for worldwide export. The core products available from Mardero are natural granite, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, unique travertine colors, for both interior and exterior, pre-fabricated countertops, natural hard landscape, finely handcrafted designer’s stone products, natural slate roof and architectural stoneworks. Mardero is the direct source for the finest niche natural building products.